The well does not run dry

I have not published anything for a few months now. I will blame my megaproject that will see the light of day in 2 weeks. It has been crazy to program so much code these last months. But I do not want to leave aside the great question of What is it to be a genuine worshiper in spirit and in truth?

The first thing that I realize is that I am NOT perfect. In fact, I think I can create my own dictionary by naming my imperfections. However, God is always there before I fall and helps me to get up and restores me after sinning. It’s something that I think I gave up trying to understand. There is no way to understand why he does it and why he keeps betting on me when I do not do it myself. That’s why I want to touch the phrase of today’s photo a little bit (my photoshop is improving little by little … hahaha):

When we come to God, we always leave with more than we’re bringing. Jesus is a well that won’t run dry. What great news today!

1. When we come to God, we always leave with more of what we’re bringing
This is one of those fundamental truths of worship. Jesus’ words were literally:
John 7:37 On the last great day of the feast Jesus stood and raised his voice, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.
John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
As we see, it is a thing that does not begin or end in us. It begins with Christ and reaches out to those around you. Our worship is something that must begin by going to the source of all that is good and precious: that is Christ. He is inexhaustible, infinite and it pleases him to fill us with Him. Therefore, whenever we want to take something from Him, it will never be to keep Him, but to share Him. I can not believe that a sincere worshiper is only in the churches or in a private part of his room. A true worshiper has an impact on his work, at his school, institute, university or club. A worshiper can be seen for miles!

I have a friend named Chisco. Listening to him singing is a suffering for my musical ear; he has no instrumental gift either but he has a life of adoration that many should aspire to. The young people in the midst of the neighborhood want to greet him, he always has a smile for friends and strangers. He sings at the top of his lungs (despite his lack of tuning …) because he sings for God and not for people. His life is a constant search for the presence of God and he does it in every moment and place, either in the soccer field where we exchange kicks or taking a refreshment on the terrace with the group of friends. It is an example of genuine worship and does not involve any music. Chisco seeks the Lord and then shares it with all those around him. That’s how we should all be! (I include myself in this statement)

2. Jesus is a well that won’t run dry
There are no words to thank that Christ will always be there full of love, grace, mercy, compassion and patience for those who fall, fail, sin and go astray. The source DOES NOT DEPEND ON US, but Jesus himself with his perfect life and from heaven has it full to overflow. And he overflows the cup of our life when we ask! The psalmist says:
Psalms 23: 5 Thou settest before me a feast before my enemies. You have anointed my head with perfume; You have filled my cup to overflow.

It’s amazing how many times we think things depend on us. As a leader of praise I have made the mistake of thinking that Sunday’s praise, the flow of worship, spirit or musical quality depended exclusively on me or how many hours the team or membership had slept. How arrogant of me! The font will NEVER dry out, regardless of me. But beware, what does depend on me is to take care of myself and do things right to allow God to act in me and through me. One does not remove the other. But it depends less on us, the leaders, than we imagine.

Once I understood this, it took off a huge weight off me. If the praise went well I was stressed and if it went wrong I was depressed. By understanding this I already learned that it was not up to me, that I could only do my part as well as possible and let God act on his own. And you know what happened? Praise time improved! Not because I had an epiphany but because I allowed God to take His time as He wished. And since its source never ever dries up … everything that is needed can flow.

3. What great news today!
Finally we can deduce that this is good news. There is nothing we have to do but let us use, without forcing anything. We can rehearse and improve, of course, but in general terms, worship is NOT music but a lifestyle like Chisco. Praise is something that is done as a team with the church and we can not force anyone to anything, but God is pleased and rejoices in praise, so He will intervene when and how you want, you just have to let him

Short review:
– Genuine worship is not something that comes from us but from God, and it is possible with or without music.
– The quality of praise does not depend on us, we have to release the reins of control.
– We can trust God to do his part.

What do you think? Tell it below.

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