Good musicians… or not?

One of the problems you might face leading worship or listening to it, is the attitude of the band members. Once i went to a church where the leader was a «christian guitar player», which means he knew his way around regular chords and some open chords. Right behind him was superb guitar players. You name it: rifts, solos, scales, alternative and obscure chords…

From my point of view, the leader was suffering from the big ego of the good player. One was there to worship, the other to show off. I went to talk with the leader and he explained that this guy had gotten «saved» a few months ago from playing in discos, night clubs, bars, etc. and they were «being patient». I asked how his spiritual life was and got a shrug back: «He musician». As if this explanation covered everything.

I really think sometimes we might have an average or plain bad worship band. And you know what? IT-DOES-NOT-MATTER! The attitude and spiritual life of the members HAS to be the priority, more than music quality. Anybody can improve with practise or attending lessons, but spiritual maturity and attitude is something that only the Holy Spirit can work through with people, and sometimes it takes a long time. Don’t make the mistake of rushing somebody to the platform! And if you did… sit them back down. Maybe this will be one of the most powerful ways the Lord can work in their characters: humility and not trying to be important are some of the keys to succeed in the Kingdom of our saviour Jesus.

Have you also seen this happening? What did you do?

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