Cool new bands to follow

Hey yo! I thought I’d do an unexpected post. I got 7 new followers on Twitter that are bands or worshippers. I thought I’d give them some recognition after listening or reading them:

   Ryan & Becka

Two souls after Jesus’ heart, desiring to point others to Jesus through authentic worship.
Twitter / Spotify

   Consumed by Fire

3 Southern P.K. bros who make music about life, love, & Jesus. Tweet about the same 😉 Southern Pop from Oklahoma.
Twitter / Web

   Junior Delgado

Follower of Jesús. Singer Of Christian Music
Twitter / Spotify

   Sarah Sunarto

Check her inspirational web out! Worshipper
Twitter / Web

   Richard Thomas

Former lead guitarist 4 Rev Theory as Rikki Lixx-Now making Christian Music 4 JESUS!
Twitter / Amazon Book

   Okoro Ehis

Music Minister, Pianist, Composer, Song Writer, Arranger, Music Producer, Writer, Teacher, Music Ministry Mentor and Coach.
Twitter / Web

   Matt Kwa

Love God. Love People. my band
Twitter / Web


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